Relay your discord server to irc via avian carrier!
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Homing Pigeon

Relay your discord server to irc via avian carrier.


you need to configure this with a dev.exs / prod.exs like such

import Config

config :homingpigeon,
  channels: [
    %{ircnetwork: "net1",
      ircchannel: "#mychannel",
      discordid: 123456789234}
  networks: [
      network: "net1",
      server: "",
      pass: "",
      port: 6697,
      ssl?: true,
      nick: "discordirc",
      user: "discord",
      name: "Relay bot for my discord"

config :nostrum,
  token: "YOUR TOKEN HERE",


$ MIX_ENV="prod" mix run --no-halt

if you're going to be hacking on it, or want the ability to update without restarting, I recommend you run it in iex.

$ iex -S mix

to update your bot while running in iex just type recompile.