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@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Relay your discord server to irc via avian carrier.
## Installation
you need to configure this with a dev.exs like such
you need to configure this with a dev.exs / prod.exs like such
import Config
@ -32,13 +32,15 @@ config :nostrum,
## Running
This is still in heavy development so i haven't handled running it as
a release or anything special like that you can still run it with iex.
$ MIX_ENV="prod" mix run --no-halt
if you're going to be hacking on it, or want the ability to update without restarting, I recommend you run it in iex.
$ iex -S mix
This does have advantages, for example, if you need to upgrade your
bot you can just type `recompile` and update it without restarting.
to update your bot while running in iex just type `recompile`.